My name is Marlon Kruis and I, together with my wife Erna, are the people behind this blog.
We are currently in between homes and so is our ever-growing and evolving board game manifesto. We want to fuse analog table time with the beautiful virtual social world surrounding us. Bring you closer to the inside of the hobby. We want to show you all that both are the most important factors, they will give us endless and boundary-free real relationships with people from all around the globe.
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Why Elon Musk and Clay Ross may have more in common than only the color red, The Estates Kickstarter preview and interview - We call ourselves fortunate to have met Clay from Capstone Games last year at Essen Spiel. First at the Heavy Cardboard meetup with a short hello and we did a long talk, with Mira, at the Capstone booth the day after. Clay is such a smart, wonderful and energetic guy, and together with his lovely […]
War of Currents in a tiny card game, a review of Tesla vs. Edison: Duel by Artana Games - One of the wonderful things about the board gaming hobby is, that you discover new topics and interesting periods of human history by spending time at the tabletop. Most of us are aware of the legacy Tesla and Edison have in our daily lives. But the fact that there was a real war between the […]
5 highlights why building blocks are still brutally cool to play with, The Climbers Review. - As alluded to in the title, we are going to have a look at the brutal, yet very cool board game The Climbers by Capstone Games. In this seemingly simple game, you may end the night with fewer friends or family as to where you took off from. Besides that little thing, you will have […]
Favorite Game Friday Game Board! - Game Board Roy Cannaday from Epic Gaming Night  hosts Favorite Game Friday on Instagram with a diverse group of board game enthusiast (including us!) and content creators from all walks of life and play styles! We share with you the games we love and we would love to hear from you too what YOU would play. ~ Love […]
Our board game adventures at Zuiderspel 2018 The 10th year anniversary edition - Zuiderspel 2018 was a blast. It’s a smaller Dutch board game con, but it is also one which is accessible for a lot of people interested in tabletop gaming and it sets itself apart with being very easy-going, casual and very friendly. This year they celebrated their 10th year anniversary and made this a two-day […]