My name is Marlon Kruis and I, together with my wife Erna, are the folks behind the blog.
We have the crazy need to fuse analog table time with the beautiful social media world which surrounds us. Blogs, reviews and photo extravaganza is what we love and what we love to share with you all. We show you that both parts will provide us endless and boundary-free real relationships with likeminded people from all around the globe!
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Combo Fighter box and Kolossal Games and Plotmaker Games logo Combo Fighter, video arcade gaming pleasure in its purest analog form, a Kickstarter preview. - When the fantastic Kira from Kolossal Games asked if we wanted to preview a new game coming to Kickstarter, we couldn’t say no to that request.  The game set out to bring back sweet memories from days past, Combo Fighter which is a re-implementation of Caesar’s Glory from 2017, is setting out to give you a fun, fast, video […]
May 2018: Kickstarter & Pre-Order Cross Section - What grabbed our attention and which Kickstarter board games should you have a look at if you like similar style games like us? We also include the current line of board game additions and possible upcoming reviews, previews or showcases! Kickstarter Still running (or late pledge open) and backed 18Lilliput The premise this game is […]
What did we play aCross the Month of May - What have we played across the month and what is worth mentioning? We will tell you and we also give our initial feeling on our experiences with the games? The Mind What a game The Mind is and we are still flabbergasted why this got us hooked as much as it does! We already did a crossword review on […]
Zoomaka building your own zoo at the kids indoor playground Zoomaka, the zoo building rat race where almost everything is allowed, a CrossWord review - We love animals and we love hanging out in one of the many beautiful zoos which can be found around The Netherlands. There is always the moral discussion if animals should be locked away in cages, and we do think there is something to say they shouldn’t be so in some cases, but too many […]
the mind playing card for lives The Mind, is this card game a pathetic hype monster or are there really some telepathic powers involved? A CrossWord review - There is always THAT game. And this year the first one is The Mind by NSV.de  (and Pandasaurus Games! )Every year something unexpected get’s so much wind in their sails, it looks to be everywhere. And eventually, it comes to a point where it cannot be ignored any longer in this household and we just […]