A new week full of board game adventures! H’arrr

Hello fellow gamers, how’s life treating you all?

After the pre launch of our blog last week, I was struck by an awful autumn flu or at least thinking wasn’t possible with my cloudy head. Not helping is the insomnia our oldest daughter has going on last few months and the upcoming moving from our current home does take a lot of (game) time out of those pesky 24 hours…/ end rant

But let’s get this week started with some positive energy and get those board game juices going alright?

As someone who loves to keep things clear, planned and as controlled as possible, we will try to tie up the blog with a certain kind of topics & flows. Not sure yet with current available time how much is possible, but go big or go home right? So here some of the upcoming things.

  • Planning to play this week: Lisboa, Nation the Dice game, Roll Player and Shadows in Kyoto
  • Reviews coming: Castles of Burgundy, Roll through the Ages, Lisboa, Yokohama and First Martians.
  • Photo Battle Lisboa versus Yokohama
  • Photo Highlight Tortuga 1667
  • The INS & OUT of new games, reprints, kickstarters, cons, etc.
  • Collection update
  • 3 Blogs About Board Games You Should Be Reading
  • What do YOU think?
  • Favorite Game Friday

So as you see a lot of stuff coming and a lot of ground to make!

If you want to see more and want to keep in touch with us, join us on our adventures through the board game universe on Instagram, Twitter and this Blog!

Love your boardgame life y’all

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