Spiel 2017 Anticipation lists and more board game news

And so it begins…

Our second Spiel, our second trip to the European board game Walhalla, our second chance to go deep into the heart of all that is fun at the chaos called Essen.


How are you all doing? We had a rough week with one of the kids being ill and one having her continued trouble sleeping. Before we noticed a week without any noticeable gaming went by. But let’s return to the present, with Essen around the corner, there is a lot going on and a lot of gaming hours on the horizon.


My little boy loves his Portal games!
My little boy loves his Portal games!

Most anticipated games on the interwebs

So to start the hype, because that’s what is happening now ladies & gentleman, who’s on top of the Essen BGG GeekPreview and how does that hold up to the list from TableTop Together.

The 13th


Let’s put the Top 10’s next to each other and see what the hotness is all about.

TabletopTogether BGG Geekpreview
1. Charterstone Clans of Caledonia
2. Queendomino Photosynthesis
3. Photosynthesis Gaia Project
4. Gaia Project Dinosaur Island
5. Nusfjord Coaster Park
6. Agra Wasteland Express Delivery Service
7. Clans of Caledonia Agra
8. Keyper Charterstone
9. Fast Forward: FLEE Ex Libris
10. Ex Libris Queendomino

So these are the ones getting all the love and all the attention. There is quite some overlap on some of those, but we do see differences in them too. Are any of these on your lists? I will highlight them in the upcoming blog in more detail.

Our own too big and too long list of needs…

Preorders for Essen which I made till this date

The Climbers,  Agra, Maria, Wir Sind Das Volk with the 2+2 expansion, Supply Lines of the American Revolution: The Northern Theater, 1775-1777. (I know right, that name is hilarious, just love HollandSpiele for these geeky things) and London


Games I want to check out and are on our (too big of a) list

SPIEL ’17 – A Board Game Life Tabletop Together list 2016

BGG GeekPreview

As you may notice, there are still a lot of titles on it and we need to sort things out a little more. Upcoming days I will go into more details about the why we want game x or why we are still on the fence about some other.

Thanks for reading and as always, love your board game life!

Other awesome sources for some more Spiel 2017 inspiration!

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