Spiel 2017 Press day blitz post

The press meet and the new hotness displayed

So we have had our first day at Essen and it was amazing to finally be back again. And now even a day before the big day 1.

And let me tell you, there are so many good games and so much energy already going around the Messe. The publishers, designers, demoing boys & girls and media folks are all pumped for the crowds to arrive tomorrow.

So the title gives it away, it’s going to be a blitz post, so short and sweet and with loads of pictures.

Press day banner blog

The new hotness room
The big press event and the traditional soup as I understood
It was written, Catan got a Game of Thrones theme
Uwe is back and this time it’s stock market and fish
The long-awaited Terra Mystica 2.0, The Gaia Project

Juma the man behind the one of the hottest games this year, Clans of Caledonia

He is back with another card game and another one which may run the con, Tybor the Baumeister done by Alexander Pfister.
A scary cave, but it looks so extremely well done.

Always wanted to join the circus? It’s your time! Meeple Circus
Crazy meeples…
Oh this looks cute? Well, it’s an all out war game between bunnies…go figure.

Did I say Pfister? Did you say naritive strorytelling

A beauty displayed by White Goblin Games, Montana. A race game with a nice return of the spinner.

Moaideas is on a roll and are starting at a very high level with their games. Liberators is no exception.
Well, did I tell you these tulips and this bubble is a well known dutch story. A deceptive

Just 2 actions, but this is such a devil in disguise. Mini Rails has something we love in games, a lot of player interactions and deeper layers of strategy to a seemingly simple game.

An abstract, but one with a original theme.

One of our most anticipated games for Spiel 2017. Calimala by ADC Blackfire
Markus and Inka Brand, need I say more? This couple is crazy smart and brings so much fun to the hobby. Streamlined gameplay in a at first glans busy game board. It’s “the other” Indian game, but it may have been “the” Indian game also. Sounds very, very cool.

The Mico art, need to Claim that. By White Goblin Games
The beast, the beauty, the colourful, but also the one with a lot of good buzz. The rules are something to dive in to, but it may reward you with maybe the best complex strategy game from 2017? We will have to wait and see. Quined is always a must check for us.
Ali Baba
A lovely game of life themed game. Looks adorable and you can get it at the TBD booth.
Mac is back baby! May have heard that somewhere? But men this one is high on the MUST have list. Mac Gerdts, the hero behind the acclaimed Concordia.

A great hybrid between being all what is a euro game, but also brings various player powers and end game objectives.

The theme is awesome and the idea of the hidden movement is awesome. Looks better in real life then I saw to date. So a must check if you like these style of games.

Merlin and Feld. Sometimes it ain’t gets better…oh and there are dice.
Base game is just plain fun racing and this one is coming home!
Finally more to Nations the Dice game.
If he wasn’t doing tons of stuff already, Alexander Pfister is also bringing more Isle of Skye to Spiel 2017
Hans Im Gluck is always a pleasure to see and play. Smooth, accessible and for a variety of gamers very appealing.
Altiplano by DLP Games
Reinier Stockhausen gives an interview on his latest game
Histogame brings a radical game changing expansion to their classic, Wir Sind Das Volk. The 2+2 expansion
Always a pleasure to meet Peat and even better so soon at the fair. This guy is awesome!

Dinner and more games

So after a quick diner we played the new Stronghold title, Space Freaks.

First impressions are a little mixed, but overal quite enjoyable. We will need to try it more to get the hang of it. There are a lot of american style ways to this game. But it still contains the figuringnouot your best move from the euro side. Production quality is above average and the wacky stuff you can do reminds me a lot of those great video game shooters. Mister B. delivered another strong game if you like various player powers  and don’t mind a lot of player interaction.

Now of for some sleep.

Good night y’all.

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