Spiel 2017 blog and photo extravaganza avalanche part 3

And so we meet again my dear friends

Let’s see if we can get through even more Spiel 2017 experiences? Are you ready do another day of board games, meeting people and maybe some new hotness coming for 2018? We are almost done and day 4 and some other last experiences are left to share with you all. We promise this post won’t be as big as the first and second parts. Hopefully you enjoyed those though and all those other we shared with the world. The last few days were more about talking to people, play games and just enjoying Spiel.

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Kolossal Games

A new publisher joined the scene and not just any kind of new publisher. Kolossal games has some interesting games coming for 2018 and they bring some great ideas where they want to go with their company. Travis talked about their upcoming titles and Kira shared us their vision on what Kolossal stands for. Inclusive, passion, accessible and having a direct relationship to their customers (and reviewers) are some of the key values they treasure. We must admit, we really like the way they are approaching this and are very gratified they asked us for a meet-up.

Because, how can their mission not be just sublime and something which should be key a general rule of thumb for every one within the industry (or hobby so you will)

To create memorable experiences for families and friends to
connect and to give designers and artists the means for their creations to
shine in a welcoming and collaborative environment.

Western Legends

Hitting Kickstarter this january, this sandbox style game, will emerge you into the setting at the dawn of the Wild West. You will travel the world as one of the known characters (or were some of them just villains and romanticized into heroes?) from these days (think Billy the Kid, Calamity Jane) or maybe you will pick the lesser known figures (Stagecoach Mary Fields or Crazy Horse)? We love the inclusion of the historic background on all of those different characters. And it shows the passion from the designer (Herve Lemaitre) and the publisher. They really want you to become emerged deeply into the experience. Through different locations and possibilities on the board you will acquire (or just steal) kettle or gold. You can rob banks and become wanted or you can hunt on those who choose a bandit life as a real bounty hunters. Through balancing this fine line of being lawless and sometimes being lawful, you will try to gather points and  try to become the most famous legend of the Old West. With the different tracks on the board (Marshall & Wanted) you can balance this open world game and try to put the world to your hand. In an extend, it remind us of Merchants & Marauders, which in our book, is a very appealing perspective!

Be aware, it’s all still prototype. But this does give a great idea of where they are going with this game board.
The sheriff, which can be used in a very smart tactical way. There is a timing aspect to it when you can move him or her to push your enemies in the direction you may want to push him.
The big four legends…
You can upgrade and buy stuff to boost your power, possibilities or just gain pure cash.
Event cards are included and give some nice narrative to this world and the way the game pushes you to go.
More characters is more fun! We like the art direction this is going.


In this game every player takes the role of a Kami, a Japanese spirit. Gong Studios is doing the art on this game and from the very prototype stuff we can share, that was already very well done. Through a clever spinning board, you will try to manipulate your board presence and for example try to make the correct (secret) figures in the different villages to score more points. Every season the board turns a quarter and you can work on another village. The final goal of the game is becoming kami-sama, the leader of the kami. The balance with the scoring track is also standing out, you will score the lowest one. The players can make use of highly variable player powers with all the different Kami coming with the game. The villages all differ in their given resources possibilities and different cards you can take during the game will give more powers, end game scoring or one time bonuses. The idea is to bring this to kickstarter somewhere Q1 2018 after Western Legends. It’s a clever fight te place your shrines onto the board.

Again, very, very prototype, but it really does give an idea where this is heading and how the different villages will play out. One of your goals will to create lines or patterns in a given village and one creat majority and two meet the given form for goal scoring. The different building in the villages, also provide different resources, so that’s another factor to take into account.
The art is already gorgeous and can only go up from here.
Build a nice hand of power and points! Who doesn’t like that?
A lot of spirits to pick from
How adorable, if not she is the Kami of Fear and will torment your soul. and frighten the *** out of you.

Board & Dice

Filip, oh Filip. You are such an awesome dude and we loved your jacket sir. With a lot of passion he took us through the stunning line of games which Board & Dice are shooting into the inBetween Martian harvest seasons. Well, that was a sad word joke, but does capture how much different flavors they are putting out there with this funky publishing house.


Will you be the creature or do you stay on the light side? Don’t stay in the InBetween.
Just a pack of cards, some wooden components and chits. The decks are very asynchronized and the game experience is rather different for both sides. While the main concept is still the same, lure people to your side.
We lost another soul, which depends on the side you are playing if that’s a bad thing.
Stay in school people…
Or maybe not……
One of the ways to win the game is to get your awareness up to 6. You know your enemy so well, they cannot escape your grasp anymore.

Pocket Mars & Harvest Dice

Pocket Mars is a very smart little Martian themed card game. Try to outshine your opponent and steal some of their reserved actions and gain majority control on the different Mars facilities.
Forgot to take a photo of the game we played with Filip, but this more fun then I expected it to be. Harvest Dice. It won’t rock your socks, but is does do something different with a roll & write game we really liked. You can manipulate the worth of the given veggie and has a little stock manipulation going.

Superhot The Card game 

This is such a smart game. The way the cards cycle through your deck and of the grid is just like playing the video game all over again. The timing element is key. With so many new objectives, smart little tweaks and a lot of different possible play styles (solo, competitive, team vs. team or coöp) you will get a lot of play out of such a tiny footprint game.
Manuel Correia was such a wonderful guy and showed of his slick-looking card game. This style is just so clean, so fresh, we love that! He did such a fabulous job on turning the video game into a card game and added more to it also! Some small little easter eggs, extra possibilities and not just a simple port.

Game’s Up

Can I say this? Not sure, but Ralph Bienert is maybe the sweetest guy we have met at Essen and we had such a wonderful chat with him. A lot of good stuff coming from them and a collaboration with a great company which we are not sure if we can talk about yet. And include it being a game with one of the hottest designers from the last few years and we are very happy we are partnering up with them! Keep us posted Ralph, because what you are bringing may be the Essen 2018 top spot game!


This game was up there for our most anticipated games of Spiel 2017, Carthago. It just sounded so good. Increase your wealth and influence. Card driven and a lot of tactical choices, something we really can appreciate. Timing is important, so time your plays well.
Clean art, but still very well representing the time period. The black borders may be something not every player will appreciate (due to wear down) but it does look good.
A rondel is always a pleasure to have in a game


We are done, well almost…a few last shout outs

We are at the end of the coverage and we think next year we still need to make more time for more photo’s of the spectacle. There is just so much to do, so much games going, so many captivating people and just not enough time.

A real VIB at the table. Brandon from Brawling Brothers. Such a kind guy and a unique character we really can relate too a lot. Was fantastic meeting him. A genuine nice guy, just humbled by all the attention he got for just being, himself. Well sir, that is just an astounding human being. They are playing Summita very cool survival game done by Conor McGoey
To close down, I will share a picture with one of my favorite (board game) people in the world, Steph from the amazing blog on bgg! and now also social media coordinator at Renegade Studios! But she’s just such a sweetheart and with her Ron, it’s always an intense pleasure to spent time with them. Thanks for the fun and laughter again this year y’all and who knows, maybe we’ll see each other in the US soon 😉
Playing some rounds of A tale of Pirates.
pic3812373 (1)
Not sure yet how this game will end up I guess. I do have some designer pedigree here, because Asger Granerud  is just such an awesome guy. Not sure why I have that serious face going…
Keyper at Essen
Keyper “talkthrough” was just an hilarious experience, what a funny guy. He was doing his own standup comedian style demoing. Just before fair closing time, so Richard Breese didn’t kick us out of his booth 😉


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