Our snappy photo exploration into Empires of the Void II

A snappy photo showcase after setup of this enormous beast, Empires of the Void II. The latest Red Raven Game by Ryan Laukat arrived a few weeks back from Kickstarter and we finally brought it to the table. The setup takes a little to create a narrative story. You will need to put in  the correct parts for your specific chosen races and the planets in your story. Because that is what you are doing, building your own world to explore with its own charisma.

Setup is a beast, but look at it? This looks so good and so ready to be explored

The game flow itself is quite simple, you choose one of the five actions, you do it and the other players can follow you or do something else for some extra pay. Rinse and repeat for about 90 minutes until the scoring phases have been done. And the winner is….

But, it isn’t that simple right? No it surely isn’t, there are some rules to get through and there are some edge cases due to the fact there are unique events breaking the rules, power cards with specific actions, there is the right amount of player interaction and it takes the 4X for us in to a much nicer direction. Instead of long build ups and just big battles with a lot of losses and strategic consequences, there is a more kind way of dealing with wars here.

So just a sweet and short teaser for now, but expect us back with a lot more thoughts on Empires of the Void II by the board game genius Ryan Laukat and Red Raven Games.

Just the box is impressive and is wanting you to dive into those clouds
The player boards are clear and hold a lot of information
The action spaces are integrated on the main board.
The dice ar just d6’s, but the colours are just so mesmerizing. They look from outer space
You cover up the spaces with your buildings and unlock them during the game to improve your influence, fighting power or income.
The different factions out there. You can befriend them and put them to work for you. Or do you concur their home ground? The choice is yours.
Up close and personal with the Frog people
The beauty, we are so excited that Red Raven Games decided to go for a real board and not the intended separate bigger cards.
And yes, a space game needs miniatures and this experiment by Ryan Laukat and his team went over really well. Look at that human worldship….

Thanks for your time and let us know what you think and how we can show you more of all the board games! Love your board game life!

~ Marlon

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