Spiel 2018 Portal Games booth

Sunday fun day look back from Spiel 2018

Day 4

An early visit to the Blackrock Games booth for a wonderful meeting with Caroline about everything coming from their huge portfolio with a variety of publishers presenting their games. Again, Caroline all the best with the pregnancy and I hope to see you again at Spiel 2020.  Some of the games we saw:

  • Globe Twister
  • Nemeton
  • Cubirds
  • Fertility
  • Finding the Dragon
  • Banquet Royal
  • Huns
  • Affinity

Now of to some of my personal favorites, I keep saying that right, to have a talk about the things happening at 2Tomatoes Games. We talked about these games:

  • New Corp Order
  • New expansion Peak Oil, Spillover
  • Togas & Daggers was a project name and is now named: Vae Victus (coming to Kickstarter SOON! Watch the blog for that)

After that, I had a little time to get to my next meet-up, so I walked the halls a little and ended up in Hall 1 for some random photo opportunities.

  • Solenia
  • Pandemic Fall of Rome
  • Monumental
  • The Sanctuary Endangered Species
  • Interview Eric Lang
  • Vejen

Almost done, but not quite there yet folks.  Let’s share some afterburners and fun moments from another fantastic Internationale Spieltage Essen with fellow geeks and friends!

It’s always a pleasure to spend time at the Portal booth with Ignacy and my Dutch board game friend Rindert. It helps Portal Games always bring their A-game to the con, on the fact we bring cookies for Ignacy obviously.

  • Monolith Arena
  • Detective: A modern crime board game
  • Neuroshima Hex

And what about a quick talk with my fellow Dutch geeks at the Quined booth? Fun chats with the awesome demo crew, big waves of laughter and some talking shop with big Paul and what about playing some fantastic euro games?

  • Firenze
  • Counterfeiters
  • Raiatea

And no Spiel visit is complete without dropping by the Stronghold Games booth and have an in-depth chat with Mister B!

  • Futuropia
  • Forum Trajanum
  • Auztralia
  • Paper Tales

And as a closer, another Dutch publisher we always need to see what they are bringing to Essen is White Goblin Games.

  • Montana & Gold Rush expansion
  • Bali
  • Claim Kingdoms

And let’s close down with some random pictures from around the Messe and from long and whiskey filled game nights 🙂

  • Konja
  • Hokkaido
  • Battle Wizards
  • Arraial

Well that’s a wrap dear readers, it may have been a delayed post from almost a year, but trust me when I say, Spiel 2018 was everything I hoped for and more!

Thanks dear publishers, thanks dear gaming friends and thanks fellow geeks for being part of another year of my board game life!

~ Marlon

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