About Us

We are passionate boardgamers who love to share their board game life in every way possible to bring people together and enjoy the magic, friendship, and growth which they bring to us every day. The new friends we acquired from all over the world the last few years is astounding.

We are a happily married couple, raising two fiery kids and we love to spent our evenings (okay, if the kids allow it) at the table playing all kind of board games. We do appreciate the lighter games but mostly tend to the more medium and heavy spectrum of the scale. An important factor is a two-player necessity, so don’t forget that designers, couple gamers is a real thing you know.

Zuiderspel 2018 Marlon Penny Erna Kruis El Crosso
One happy family!

What we share?

Think weekly played game overviews, our in-depth experiences with the game’s, newly acquired stuff, top 6 lists, our favorite content creators, hot board game news, reviews, previews, coverage from the games of the conventions we visit and much more.

What we do?

We do things personal, very approachable, with love and sincere honesty. Please remind yourself there are real persons behind a blog and they also have feelings, family and are almost just human beings.