Our board game adventures at Zuiderspel 2018 The 10th year anniversary edition

Our board game adventures at Zuiderspel 2018 The 10th year anniversary edition

Zuiderspel 2018 was a blast. It’s a smaller Dutch board game con, but it is also one which is accessible for a lot of people interested in tabletop gaming and it sets itself apart with being very easy-going, casual and very friendly. This year they celebrated their 10th year anniversary and made this a two-day experience instead of the regular one-day event.

At the last moment Erna and our oldest, Penny, could come along and we had the best time together playing games, having huge laughs and seeing a lot of board game friends from all around the Netherlands. This was by far the highlight of the con for us, but besides some photos on it, later on, we won’t bore you with our family stuff. But it is the cornerstone of our being nowadays as parents and it’s an integral part of our board game life. Hence the name of the blog. 🙂

Day one and just arrived at the con with a bag full of games to trade, return or play.

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Spiel 2017 blog and photo extravaganza avalanche part 3

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And so we meet again my dear friends

Let’s see if we can get through even more Spiel 2017 experiences? Are you ready do another day of board games, meeting people and maybe some new hotness coming for 2018? We are almost done and day 4 and some other last experiences are left to share with you all. We promise this post won’t be as big as the first and second parts. Hopefully you enjoyed those though and all those other we shared with the world. The last few days were more about talking to people, play games and just enjoying Spiel.

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Spiel 2017 blog and photo extravaganza avalanche part 2

And we are back for more. Embrace yourself and let’s continue our journey through Essen together…

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We arrive at day 3 of the fair in our story and after a late night at the Heavy Cardboard meetup, the fatigue starts to kick in, but who can be tired at Essen right? Let’s do this. Long days, short nights, but we must persevere and to be fairly honest, we love this feeling! Who doesn’t get an adrenaline rush from all those awesome board games and all those people at Spiel?

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Spiel 2017 blog and photo extravaganza avalanche part 1

Gone quicker than you could say french fries with bratwurst und sauerkraut.

Ladies and gentleman, another Spiel is in the books and another year went by as fast as lighting. What an absolute blast it was and there were so many great people I have met again and I had the honour of talking with. I am afraid it were just too many names to call them all out, but know that each and every one made my Spiel 2017 one I will remember for ever! Already missing the buzz surrounding this amazing event.

So let’s see what happened on days two, three and four and maybe we can share some nice scoops we have got from the publishers we spoke too. But as is custom with our blog, we will overload you with a lot of photos, to emerge you into the moment hopefully.

But first, the mandatory Spiel 2017 haul picture right…

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Day 1 Spiel 2017 is in the board game books

Meet & Greet with some of the amazing people behind all the new hotness

What a day one this was, we met so many intriguing and fascinating people, I don’t even know where to begin with. As you may understand, these blogs will all be in a blitz kind of way. Trying to squeeze them in between the slower hours. And those are just very rare, which is a great thing!

So we will keep it short and sweet and won’t bore you with too much details and let the pictures speak for themself. There was tons more, but we will keep it at bite size.

But first, show some goodies

DSCF0785 logo

Kept it quite civil and still need to pick up some more games that are still on the wish list. We do wait for some Dutch releases, so if you are missing some of the big hotness, that may explain their absence.

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Spiel 2017 Press day blitz post

The press meet and the new hotness displayed

So we have had our first day at Essen and it was amazing to finally be back again. And now even a day before the big day 1.

And let me tell you, there are so many good games and so much energy already going around the Messe. The publishers, designers, demoing boys & girls and media folks are all pumped for the crowds to arrive tomorrow.

So the title gives it away, it’s going to be a blitz post, so short and sweet and with loads of pictures.

Press day banner blog

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Our top 6 Spiel 2017 games part 3, The expansions.

The last part of our pre-Essen games we want to check out continues…

We arrived at the expansions. The hotness from last year or even some older games getting injected with new life. It will bring new cards, new player possibilities or more new ways to experience the games. The publishers know we may like that right? So are they any good? Let’s dig in and have a look at what’s coming.

(and yes…we continue our number joke 🙂 )

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