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When cloth finishers and merchants still ruled the world. A Calimala board game preview - “Arte di Calimala” the guild of cloth finishers and merchants during the late Middle Ages. Through their arrogance (call it dedication), sense for artwork and skills in trading & fabrication, they grow to become one of the biggest elites of those times within the Florence region and went far beyond those borders with their influence. […]
Our snappy photo exploration into Empires of the Void II - A snappy photo showcase after setup of this enormous beast, Empires of the Void II. The latest Red Raven Game by Ryan Laukat arrived a few weeks back from Kickstarter and we finally brought it to the table. The setup takes a little to create a narrative story. You will need to put in  the […]
What the World Would Be Like If Splicing Aliens Didn’t Exist - So you are here to listen to why Alien splicing is the next best thing after sliced bread? Because, in all honesty, it is a freaking amazing way to make workerplacement cool again. When we saw Rahdo’s video on it a while back, with those Lego’s instead of the fancy ones in the retail version, […]