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Kickstarter preview omen a reign of war beautiful artwork on the city reward tiles Omen a Reign of War, sometimes the only path to get Zeus’s blessing is one by wit and carnage. A Kickstarter preview. - John Clowdus and Kolossal Games are going big on this pimped new re-release of the Omen: a Reign of War series. There have been already two iterations of this saga and a lot of expansions of this BGG award nominee game saga since 2011. But we dare to say, this is going to be a […]
War of Currents in a tiny card game, a review of Tesla vs. Edison: Duel by Artana Games - One of the wonderful things about the board gaming hobby is, that you discover new topics and interesting periods of human history by spending time at the tabletop. Most of us are aware of the legacy Tesla and Edison have in our daily lives. But the fact that there was a real war between the […]
hands on board game review of the Climbers by Capstone Games and Simply Complex Boxcover 5 highlights why building blocks are still brutally cool to play with, The Climbers Review. - As alluded to in the title, we are going to have a look at the brutal, yet very cool board game The Climbers by Capstone Games. In this seemingly simple game, you may end the night with fewer friends or family as to where you took off from. Besides that little thing, you will have […]
warehouses Main board overview kickstarter preview of Chartered The Golden Age Things You Didn’t Know About Chartered: The Golden Age the board game - Well, that was quite the suggestive title, right? But to stay in that historic mindset a little longer, because the fact stays true, the Golden Age of Amsterdam has clearly shaped the way the Netherlands grow to one of the most dominating powers of that era. With a nation gaining so much of an influence […]
Where Dragon Castle’s crumble you can build your own realms legacy. A Dragon Castle board game review. - As centuries went by, the once mighty Dragon Castle was picked apart like vultures on a lioness her decaying corpse. The people who once lived here and who saw the hills change color every spring and fall so many times, could not have imagined this structure to ever be not present anymore. But alas, every […]